The Real Issue

The following are the enduring issues that are essential to face in order to promote enduring stability and peace for all in Burma.   Avoiding these issues delays resolution of fundamental problems that will likely continue to plague Burma:

  1. Burman generals’ theft and control of ethnic lands rich in natural resources, hydro power potential and dominating international trade routes as the primal cause conflict, instability and human rights abuse.
  2. Lack of accountability for governmental, military and business elites for past and present crimes against humanity against ethnics on a massive scale.
  3. Former dictator Than Shwe pulling all the strings in the shadows  from “retirement”.
  4. How “old guard” Burman generals’ still control power today … political, military, economic, information and people.
  5. Burmans’  use of coercion, corruption, intimidation and murder in the shadows / behind the scenes to keep ethnics off balance, disadvantaged and dis-unified.
  6. New deal cutting by Burman elites with international businessmen, who may not be interested in the needs of the people of Burma.
  7. Deal cutting by Burman elites with China at three levels:  Government, Business and Organized Crime
  8. How certain Burman generals and elites monopolize control of Parliament to ensure ethnics will never have equal or equitable power
  9. The true basis of Burman fear of Non-Burman ethnics, which is the combination of (1) superior strategic positioning, (2) natural resources, (3) ethnics’  pro-democracy traditions, (4) superior motivation of ethnic fighting forces defending their people and (5) ethnics’ historical fighting superiority both during and since World War II.
  10. The poor morale of the Burmese Army and the fact that Burmese commanders have had to cut non-aggression deals with various ethnic groups and militias because they cannot defeat them in the field and prefer to make personal profit.
  11. The corruption and ineptness within Burman-led National League for Democracy.
  12. Ethnics’ quiet disappointment with The West, which never quite came to their rescue in the past, and which now rushes in since things look better / safer, but seems to be favoring engagement with Burman urban elites